Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: x factor! ::


ok..totally forgot to mention..
last night..well yesterday was the dateline for the appication for X Factor 8! (in case some of u dont know..x factor is something like akademi fantasia here in the UK)
so anyway..
haha.. my tangan just so happen to be so gatal to fill in the application form online..
so i applied but just until when they asked me to upload a video of myself singing a song, i just laughed myself out and closed the window, not acknowledging that the uploading video was optional.
unconsciously, I actually did apply for the X factor! haha.. n guess what... they replied! haha..
what an overwhelming news! like i'm actually gonna get it..but still.. a reply from x factor kot..
who knows..i might be the next cher lloyd? hahaha... wut a nut head!

so this is how my reply looks like.

ok..thats all..
if i do get it.. well...we'll just see...

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