Tuesday, February 15, 2011

:: help ::


i'm gradually becoming something i'm not supposed to be.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: x factor! ::


ok..totally forgot to mention..
last night..well yesterday was the dateline for the appication for X Factor 8! (in case some of u dont know..x factor is something like akademi fantasia here in the UK)
so anyway..
haha.. my tangan just so happen to be so gatal to fill in the application form online..
so i applied but just until when they asked me to upload a video of myself singing a song, i just laughed myself out and closed the window, not acknowledging that the uploading video was optional.
unconsciously, I actually did apply for the X factor! haha.. n guess what... they replied! haha..
what an overwhelming news! like i'm actually gonna get it..but still.. a reply from x factor kot..
who knows..i might be the next cher lloyd? hahaha... wut a nut head!

so this is how my reply looks like.

ok..thats all..
if i do get it.. well...we'll just see...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

:: hey yawww ::


So anyway.. this has always been my problem since like for-evaaaa!
I mean..everytime i've got like LOTS of things to do.. assignments etc... I always..always la find time to do some other things that is not beneficial AT ALL to my priorities.. assignments that is..
i mean..time2 nak assignment la i started to write blogs..blog walking...youtube walking (is there such term?) and u know.. sleep excessively... =_=" so pathetic la u ni mira..

so anyhowww... I just feel like writing right now..but basically got nothing on my mind to write..
so..i will just do what I always do..
just write whatever comes out of my mind...

ok..there.. jobs..
well... i was forever thinking to get a part time job here but i've never been able to actually make an effort in searching one.. y??
well..mostly because i've never had an experience of working before in my whole life..
my mum never lets me work back in Malaysia.. so i got like no ideaa wutsoever in working..
but i'm broke n i need monayyyy.....!
but if i do wanna apply work now..i'm like super bz with classes n assignments and yeah..enjoying life..hehe.. wut an excuse!
wutever it is.. i will try my best to search for a job here and even if i dont get one.. so wuttt! right? life is not just about working..i'm a student and i should enjoy a student life as much as i could.. cz laterr.. i will be working until i dont even like the word work anymore!
so yeah.. that makes me feel much bettaa!! huh... life is not just about monayy people! its not about the money money money... we dont need no money money money.. just wanna make the world dance.. forget about the price taggg.. *jessie j ft b.o.b - price tag* damnnn good that song mann!

so yeah.. there goes my blabbering for tonight..
oh.. btw..
i've been through my hardisk and i found like loads of old pictures from ipba.. (old? 3 years ago je) and well.. it brings back a whole lot of memories.... good times..good stuff..
n yeah.. i was looking much better than now! I gained weight since i got here n i dont like it... booohooo... well.. wut to do.. just gotta watch my eating and start exercising soon! haha.. (hope that happens some day!)

here are some of those pics which i wish i am like that now... huhu..

n current picture

huaaaa~ ok..enough with this heartbreaking pictures... gotta finish my work now..
so until next time~


Monday, February 7, 2011

:: arghh! ::

I'm soooo freaking stressed out right now!!!!

Oh How i wish to..........................



Ya Allah...

Help me get through my days....

Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: shortandsimple ::


hello y'all~ (sape y'all di sini?)
like anyone's ever read my blog anymore..
its been dusty and ugly and..
well lets just say it hasn't been updated in a WHILE..
a WHILE alright..

really2 sorry..
i know i did mention previously that I will update my blog..
but seriously,
the mood to write just poof!
gone like that..
gone with the wind of winter..
i guess winter was so wonderful (with movies and tv series)
that i have no interest in writing..
wut a shame mira!

so anyway..
just out of nowhere,
i managed to pick up my fat and lazy fingers
to start typing here..

just a quick update on how my life has been all this while

  1. the winter was great! The snow was overwhelming.. it even fell down more than I hoped it falls! anyway.. Alhamdulillah coz I wont be seeing anymore snow when I go back to Malaysia anyway..
  2. all i did during winter was eat, watch movies, watch tv series - the fresh prince, cosby, my wife and kids, big bang theory, glee, gossip girl, how i met your mother.. and the list goes on.. i wish those were the subject of my course.. i surely will get A+++ for that! (how I wish!)
  3. oh yeah, I also played wii~~ haha.. good times, good stuff (got michael jackson and we sing too! so excited!)
  4. watch my first ever 3d movie here in UK (the bluewater cinema to be exact..) it wasnt that great afterall.. watching narnia in 3d just makes my head spinning.. and we went to winter wonderland as well there.
  5. oh.. n I went skiing in les houches, france.. it was however a FUN and UNBELIEVABLE experience because all my life, I had never imagined myself going skiing before, and there I was standing on top of i dunno how many thousand feet from the sea level, on the ski stick thingy and just moving down the hills with the icy wind blowing at my face...then ops.. i fell down and sprained my knee! the worst ever! (still hurt until now!)
  6. the start of term 2 of my second year degree in this b.ed Tesl... and let me tell ya, life is getting pretty hectic this term! i mean hell yeah hectic! I have like wut, 5 assignments or so to be submitted in the near future... i mean really near.. n yeah.. it sucks when you have tons of things to do and u dunno which one to start on.. huh... n i like have a micro-teaching to do in like 2 days.. that sucks man.. really sucks.. cz this year..everything we do will be counted in our degree.. and yeah.. thats it..
  7. My weet 22nd birthday was GREAT! THANKS to my friends, I had such a wonderful time! got lotsa presents...!! and cake~ and suprisess~ and party~~ and a candlelight dinner~ hehehee... *love you dear~* and well..everything's going great on the 20nd of January~ =) I'm 22 and still alive..Alhamdulillah~
  8. I participate in the Malaysian dance and I danced a Sumazau dance, which was THE EASIEST dance out of all the other dances..hehehe... we did the dance for the Malaysian Day in Sandgate Primary school. the day was a blast! it went really well!!!
  9. oh..and lastly..

so basically..those are some things that were on my mind that I could think of right now..just a brief info about myself..

i think that will do for now..
been really busy now and I just have less time to do all of the things
so I just like to make things short and simple for now..
really need to get some rest for tomorrow..

so until next time..

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