Sunday, November 28, 2010

:: the touch of the white stuff ::

what is






btw..snow is coming...
other places in the uk has already got a whole chunk of it.
but canterbury just a glimpse of it.
half an hour of snow falling had already made the facebook wall being cramped from all the status mentioning about snow!
its so obvious that canterbury people are really really looking forward for snow this year.
n probably that is why snow is playing with the people here.
by tricking them to fall and stop n fall n stop just as they like.
they (snow) might have been laughing their head off looking at how we react to it.

so anyway...
during that half an hour,
luckily i managed to snap a couple of pictures of the snow.
looking forward for more tomorrow..
uncle bbc stated that it will heavily snow tomorrow.
hopes he got that right.


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