Sunday, November 28, 2010

:: the touch of the white stuff ::

what is






btw..snow is coming...
other places in the uk has already got a whole chunk of it.
but canterbury just a glimpse of it.
half an hour of snow falling had already made the facebook wall being cramped from all the status mentioning about snow!
its so obvious that canterbury people are really really looking forward for snow this year.
n probably that is why snow is playing with the people here.
by tricking them to fall and stop n fall n stop just as they like.
they (snow) might have been laughing their head off looking at how we react to it.

so anyway...
during that half an hour,
luckily i managed to snap a couple of pictures of the snow.
looking forward for more tomorrow..
uncle bbc stated that it will heavily snow tomorrow.
hopes he got that right.

Friday, November 26, 2010

:: thou shalt be busy ::

at this accurate moment..

I is very busy indeed...

in doing the Shakespeare's assignment...

so patience my friend..

as thou patience is a fine word suiting a fine person..


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

:: classes ::

forget about the previous entry that sounded WAY too good to be true.
because i haven't got a slightest idea of how good will the new ride be.
as i just write whatever that come across my mind.
yeah, so i guess i'll PROBABLY do that.
just write about whatever word that came across my mind.


what? mira! boringlah! seriously ur gonna write about classes???
ye la..dah tu je aku pikir pon bongok.
(internal monolog..couldn't get away with it..i know some people have the same problem with me..talking to ourself which at some point can be seen so weird and crazy..gagagaa...)

so anyway, classes.
what is up with classes?
well, as i noticed so far, i am loving the classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (sometimes).

Why Wednesday?
Because i only got one class which is English Language Teaching Methodology (ELTM).
and got two very2 interesting lecturers.

Mark : he rarely gives homework, his classes are always about doing things, and he is so down to earth lecturer which we could just shout out whatever we wanna say to him

Kevin : so far, I noticed that in his lesson, he will always include visual aids for example videos or authentic things. He also provides handouts that follows what he will be teaching systematically. HOWEVER, he always gives a LOT of reading but oh well, I only going to meet him once in two weeks.

and it ends at 12. Usually after class, i would go out to town with him or have lunch with him because we're not in the same class this year. so, not much time to see each other.
that is basically the reason. ngee....

look how happy i am in ELTM's class!

Why Thursday?
well, thursdays are a pack day. I've got classes from morning till night. (yeah..night alright, finishes at 5, and it is already dark like midnight outside ok.)
so why do i like it? ngeee....(gedik laugh) because in the second class, i got the same class with him. and because it's almost the end of the week. so it feels more freely as it is closer to weekend..haha.

TEAC class..

Why Friday?
its SHAKESPEARE's day!! well, i got class on shakespeare and it doesn't start until 1pm. that means i can wake up a LITTLE BIT late. a reasonable reason i think eyh? and this class only lasts for 2 hours. much more shorter that any other classes.

so those are all the classes that i LOVE.... but not all the time ok.

as for the classes i'm not in favour of..well..maybe on Tuesday la.
because sometimes on tuesday we have to go to Sandgate Primary School
and it's not that i love seeing those cute little rascals, but its the journey that i hate.
I HATE THE COACH!(it's a mini bus by the way) it makes my head wanna explode from the dizziness!! i usually gets headache while being on moving vehicles, let it be a horse! huhu..
that is the reason why i hate Tuesdays.
Sandgate..just arrived..very dizzy at that moment..

these little cute rascals!

makan time!

when we had to raya at Sandgate.
got some things to do..

will be updating whenever i feel like talking with my lappy.

until next time.


:: I'm Back ::

I am back.

will be starting my new post soon.

very soon.

it's gonna be a hell of a new ride!! (ceyt!)

coming soon.

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